Our life in this world to what shall I compare it? its like an echo resounding through the mountains and off into the empty sky – 良寛

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destiel + i’m yours by the script for destielocked

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Thursday’s Child / 114,00 words / pdfaudiofic.

Past!Dean never showed up and 2014!Dean manages to kill Lucifer with the Colt. After that he bolts, leaving a completely human Cas to track him across the continent.
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Where’s the angel?

Too long. It had been too long since Dean had seen Cas. He wasn’t quite sure how long exactly; days and nights were blurring together in the near-constant darkness that was purgatory. All Dean could think of was the broken shell that used to be Castiel, in his pristine white hospital clothes, with his childish fascination with flowers, insects, nature, his insistence that he didn’t fight anymore, couldn’t fight anymore; and the overwhelming terror in his eyes when he told Dean where they’d ended up, right before he vanished.

I need to find the angel.

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Book Covers inspired by Destiel Fan Fiction [x]

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Time on my Handswords: 25,605 / NC-17
Raphael traps Dean and Cas in 1943. Destiel, first time, time travel, hurt/confort.

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Dean: Trust me. 

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Dean and I do share a more profound bond.

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AU Meme: Dean won’t let Cas anyone hold their baby

“Dean, this is getting ridiculous.”

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six deaths [2/6] | Castiel
“If there is anything worth dying for, this is it.”
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You are not gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch.

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