Our life in this world to what shall I compare it? its like an echo resounding through the mountains and off into the empty sky – 良寛

Dim, 30th of septembre

Sherlock and John, Gavroche style

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Lun, 24th of septembre

Favorite Sherlock fanarts / edition 1

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Mar, 11th of septembre

143 Alice Grim Lane: Scene 1 by ~fanlay

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Lun, 10th of septembre

Hold the morning by ~fanlay

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where the hell is clint

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Dim, 12th of août
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Sherlock: Student/Teacher by ~Lascaux

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some first attempts at Prometheus characters

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I love long coat ‘w’

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Commission for gaynordicbros! Thor and Loki being ridiculously adorable hipster bros. A real pleasure.

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Mer, 20th of juin


“Just .. stop,” Chris tells him, keeping both hands firm and unmoving. “Stop with the excuses. Stop with the lying to my face when I know you’re lying. Stop running away from me.”

Tom makes a sound like he would like to argue that accusation, but Chris growls and pushes the muzzle more firmly against his mouth. “No. You’re going to fuckin’ listen to me and stop trying to talk around me. Yeah?”

collab with Kay!!  who wrote the fabulous fic that snippet up there came from.  READ IT HERE O UO

see the progress shots on my twitter

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Mer, 13th of juin

Tony what are you doing

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Ven, 8th of juin


nobody cares that you’re broken

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Ven, 8th of juin


A Sleeping Sherlock - pencil and charcoal :)

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