Our life in this world to what shall I compare it? its like an echo resounding through the mountains and off into the empty sky – 良寛

Lun, 4th of mars
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Dim, 24th of février


I still see your ghost,

your face in the blur,

and the pale morning light,

cutting trough the dark

like my hands in your hair,

breaks me down when, at dawn,

it flows on my skin.

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Mer, 29th of août

Sherlock confesses knowing about John’s feeling for him, two weeks before John and Mary’s wedding. John denies them.

Mer, 2nd of mai
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Lun, 23rd of avril
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Sam, 3rd of mars
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Mar, 28th of février

Ten Day Sherlock Challenge — day 1 : favorite male character.

Dim, 5th of février
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Lun, 2nd of janvier
Mer, 28th of décembre


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Lun, 6th of juin

I’ve done a pink Sherlock wallpaper guys

Sherlock Wallpaper by ~beastbelow on deviantART

Lun, 6th of juin


Possibly one of my favourite screencaps of John.

Mer, 1st of juin

Hi, John.


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Dim, 22nd of mai

Happy birthday Arthur Conan Doyle, you’ve given me two great friends in Holmes and Watson.