Our life in this world to what shall I compare it? its like an echo resounding through the mountains and off into the empty sky – 良寛

Mar, 30th of avril

Rising over the swishing grasses, spring sun.

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Lun, 22nd of avril

While you were admiring the surface, I saw the shipwrecks, the drowned bodies, the monsters of the deep. ― Alfred de Musset, Lorenzaccio

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Lun, 18th of février
堕 degenerate / 天 heavens / 使 messenger
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Lun, 4th of février

Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.

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Mar, 29th of janvier

inception + white

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Ven, 25th of janvier
Cloudy dawn flower unfolds;
Moon moth gyrates slowly;
Snow maiden lets down her hair,
And in one shining silence,
It slips to earth.
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Mar, 22nd of janvier

— Man and the Sea, Baudelaire 

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Lun, 21st of janvier

thorn and frayed + red lights

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Dim, 23rd of décembre
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Dim, 9th of décembre

Seems like a lonely way to live.

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Mer, 21st of novembre

"Excellent! I cried. "Elementary," said he.

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Mer, 17th of octobre

Higher than the beasts, lower than the angels, stuck in our idiot Eden.

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Ven, 12th of octobre

→ from a poem by Lea

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Dim, 30th of septembre

Tree and Sky by Siegfried Sassoon 

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Ven, 21st of septembre

Freedom is a length of rope. God wants you to hang yourself with it.

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